I'm expecting this summer to be 'buggier' than usual.  All the water  from' the '247% above average' snow pack has the rivers spilling everywhere, which is REALLY good news... for flying pests.

I do battle in my barn DAILY.  5 Horses poop a lot.  With fly season now underway, I am  investigating various methods to assassinate these rascals and here is what I will be testing:
1.  A 'baggie with water'...really?

...and still to come,
Apple Cider Vinegar...I do LOVE it on my salad, so I'll spray my horses with it?....hmmm...

Citronella Oil...Hopefully this isn't a candle, as I am not trust worthy with any fire, especially in the barn.

Fly Predators...yea, we BUY bugs then sprinkle them near all manure  areas every four weeks...WHAT?!?!  So, we just leave MANURE lying around...yikes!
What are YOU doing for fly control this summer?