I saw this article about foods to avoid, and was surprised about how many foods were on there that I thought were actually good for us. What? Corn...just plain old corn...isn't good for me? I expect McDonald's to be on this list, but something that grows from the ground? Ugh.

It turns out that some corn can indeed be bad for us. From the article...

Maryam Henein and George Langworthy, directors of the documentary Vanishing of the Bees

The Problem: Today's corn plants are more like little pesticide factories with roots. Most of the nation's corn supply is genetically engineered to either produce its own pesticide supply within the plant or withstand heavy sprayings of chemicals, which wind up inside of the food. That's problematic not just for bees, but for people, too. "I avoid corn because most is genetically modified, and on top of that, most of the seeds are treated with systemic pesticides that are killing our bees," says Henein. "And let's not be fooled—the sublethal effects of these pesticides also slowly impair our health."

Well, don't despair, because the article also has recommendations and encouragements for us. We can still eat corn. We can still eat delicious food. Here is one of their ideas for us.

The Solution: Learn to cook! You might be surprised to find that paying extra up front for a pasture-raised chicken can be cheaper than buying prepared fast-food chicken. For instance, cooking a chicken and then boiling down the bones for a rich, disease-fighting stock can yield up to three meals for a family! (Here's how to make homemade stock.) Find sustainable farmers at LocalHarvest.org.

Think learning to cook is a tall order? Well, try our Taste of Home Cooking School we have happening tonight at the Lincoln Center. It will entertaining, and you will learn some important basics along the way.