I worked at Runza Restaurants for about 5 years in my younger years- It's a great company- even if they ARE huge supporters of the Cornhuskers!  I kid.

Speaking of kids- you can get out TODAY (September 25th) -enjoy some Runza, and help to get books to kids!

Get the details, when you READ MORE!

Having worked at Runza (more specifically the Loveland Runza) for some years, I can tell you that the chain is great. Great food, great management. They are HUGE in Nebraska, where they started.  There are only a couple in Colorado - One in Loveland and one in Fort Collins.  Hopefully you've already been to one in our state; but if you haven't enjoyed an Original Runza Sandwich yet, or any of their other awesome menu items, Tuesday's the day!

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Today is Runza Restaurant's 10th Annual 'Great Books for Great Kids' event.  Since its inception, Great Books for Great Kids has donated over $225,000 to local libraries and schools!

15% of sales TODAY will go to the Great Books for Great Kids program- so get out, have some great food and help with literacy in our local schools!