“Rolling coal” is now banned through a new law aimed to crack down on drivers who pump out plumes of black smoke.If you're not familiar with the term, its when a modified diesel truck emits sooty exhaust that visibly pollutes the air.


It’s a regular problem in Fort Collins, especially for bicyclists and people eating on patios downtown. 9 News Denver reports that Fort Collins Police helped craft the new law that will fine drivers $100 if they are caught.

According to Wkikpedia: Rolling coal is a form of conspicuous air pollution for entertainment or for protest.


Some drivers intentionally trigger coal rolling in the presence of hybrids to taunt their drivers, who are perceived as being environmentally motivated in their vehicle choice.


Coal rolling may also be triggered at foreign cars, bicyclists, protesters, and pedestrians. A major concern is road traffic safety violations, as the black smoke can intentionally impair visibility, risking motor vehicle crashes.

The law does not apply to commercial and agricultural vehicles. It targets those who intentionally blow smoke.