Remember how torn we were that day Falcon Henne was "accidenatly" set adrift in a home made balloon?  Oh wait, that was all a total crock.  But this isn't.  This is the most vile and horrible thing you will see.  Be's not pretty!

The Henne Family are now marketing their boys including Falcon, as the front man of the youngest heavy metal band.  Really?  Can they even play a guitar or drums?  Well, that's debatable when it comes to these young chaps and to be honest, I truly feel sorry for the "Heene Boyz.."

Take a peek at the videos, if you can, and tell me what you think.  I personally think it's a shameful way of exploiting their son, again, for profit. The whole balloon fiasco we all went through wasn't enough?  And get this, they auctioned off that very balloon for a cool $Million.

It's safe to say this new band of theirs won't get even close to that mark.

The songs you are about to endure are from their album "Chasing Tornado's." Enjoy...