Perfect Easter eggs are hard to come by, but together we will create egg Heaven! Bunny Beware!

Have you ever bitten into a beautifully colored Easter Egg only to be hit in the face with a horrible smell? Or how about that ugly gray ring around the creamy yellow center? Cooking the perfect egg does take practice and even after that you may still hiccup on a batch or two. As I have found, egg cooking is an art.

I have taken advice from Martha Stewart, Alton Brown and Julia Childs… Here’s what I got…

Judge the size of the pot by the amount of eggs you are cooking, some say single layer, but hey who has the time to stand at the stove all night? I typically use a dutch oven and layer the pot to about four inches from the top. Add cold water to just one inch past the eggs and place on medium high heat, I pour in about half a cup of vinegar. (I read once that that helps in peeling-sometimes it does) Bring the eggs to a simmer, not a boil. (so the water is rolling steady like a babbling brook but not rocking like a raging river) Let simmer for one minute, cover and turn off heat. Let them cook in the hot water for 14 minutes (yes, you should time this not guess-they are temperamental) At eggs-actly 14 minutes, gently drain the hot water and fill the pot with really cold water-some say to add ice, I rarely do. You can store them in the fridge for several days.

I like to color my eggs, hide some, eat some Easter morning and turn the rest into deviled eggs for Easter dinner. Enjoy!