One of my favorite meals is Beef Wellington, this handy recipe makes it a party favorite.

benreichelt, flickr


1 pkg of mushrooms, 4 garlic cloves, 2-3 shallots, olive oil, unsalted butter, salt and pepper, 1 London broil, dijon mustard, and a pkg of puff pastry


In a small saucepan add about a Tbs of olive oil and butter with the garlic cloves (minced), add to this the mushrooms chopped fine and the shallots also chopped fine, cook on low until they break down, are cooked through (soft and almost pasty) then set aside.

Cube your London Broil and brown on medium-high with equal parts of olive oil and butter, just brown, not looking to cook long and remove from heat.

Roll out your puff pastry (about an inch in each direction) and coat with dijon mustard, then add a layer of the mushrooms atop the of mustard, now lay out pieces of meat (you should be able to fit four pieces across) fill each pastry, now cut squares around each meat piece and fold around the meat. Put the pieces on a greased baking sheet and cook till the pastry is browned.

To serve you could stick an appetizer stick in each of them or just put them on a plate, serve with more dijon mustard for dipping. Enjoy!