Starting Monday, it should feel safer merging onto 1-25 from three key off-ramps here in Northern Colorado. New ramp meter lights are ready to roll in both directions at the Windsor exchange for CO 392 and the southbound ramp at the Harmony exit in Fort Collins.

Station Staff, TRI-102.5

Meters will detect congestion on the interstate and become active when needed. CDOT says there are no set hours, but morning and evening rush hours are the busiest times.

I-25 and C-470 in the Denver area provide an example of the positive benefits of ramp metering. After the installation of ramp meters on a section of southbound I-25, the average speed increased 31 percent or 8.6 miles per hour.  On the C-470 section, travel speed was increased an average of 10 percent or 7 miles per hour.
Safety is also an issue. Ramp meters have decreased rear and side crashes by about 50 percent in the Denver area. And the study in 2014 showed, for example, that 47 of the 48 peak-period crashes near the southbound ramp at Harmony Road happened during the evening commute period.
The locations for installation were selected following the results of a ramp metering feasibility study completed in 2014 which showed these three locations were the only ones along I-25 that would benefit the flow of traffic on I-25. Funding for the $440,000 project was made available for this year.
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Source: CDOT Press Release