Since Fort Collins, CO has been named one of America's Best Places to Live over and over(including this year), it's not completely out of the question that a former Commander in Chief would choose to settle here after their time in the Oval Office. The question is, which of our 44 former President's would choose Northern Colorado?

Gerald Ford

Ford had a thing for Colorado. He had a home in Beaver Creek, and spent many of his latter years there. When he was young, he was an accomplished athlete in traditional American sports like football, baseball and basketball. Many aging jocks flock to Colorado to transition into a life of outdoor sports like skiing, hiking, running, biking and boating. I could easily have seen Ford as a lover of Fort Collins.

Ronald Reagan

Reagan was a cowboy, so he would have been right at home on a Colorado ranch. One of our truly western Presidents.  Could you hear him saying to CSU President Tony Frank..."Mr. Frank, tear down Hughes Stadium?"

Teddy Roosevelt

Those Roosevelt National Forests that are just west of here? Named for him. Yeah, Teddy was the

purest outdoorsman the Oval Office has ever known. We can thank him for whole regions of preservation, including our own Rocky Mountain National Park. I think Teddy would have been just like many Fort Collins residents. Live in the Fort for the climate, people and beer, and play in the mountains.