02.28.2017 UPDATE

A new county building coming up in Loveland will uproot prairie dogs from their home at the corner of First Street and Denver Avenue. Larimer County Commissioners and Loveland City Council members have been getting e-mails from prairie dog advocates asking that the animals be moved to another area, rather than poisoned and killed.


"Relocation is not only the most humane solution, it also provides an excellent opportunity to promote environmental stewardship, educate the public, and dispel longstanding myths and misinformation about these complex animals," read an email to commissioners from Christi Brockway on behalf of the Northern Colorado Prairie Dog Advocates.

Commissioner Steve Johnson cited the first reason in an email response as budgetary:

"The project is already over budget with the city of Loveland asking for certain functions in the county building to be located at the Police and Courts building at 10th & Hayes Street. ... I believe this makes it impossible to incur additional costs to the project at First and Denver Streets, as this project is being funded from a prior sales tax which has now ended."


The group plans to stay in touch with the county as it works to find other suitable site locations. There is so much more to this story at Loveland Reporter-Herald