Driving by the site of the new Woodward campus that is off Lincoln and Lemay, I have to think that if I were an engineer, or someone who was otherwise inspired to work for such a company, the new campus that they are still creating would be a great place to work.

The river flows serenely by on one side. On the other is the beer belt of Fort Collins. Just imagine putting in a good days work, taking lunch on a stone bench by the Poudre River, then joining some friends for a drink afterwards at one of our great breweries. That's idyllic.

So is the fact that the crews have been able to reopen the paved trail about 6 weeks earlier than expected.

According to the Coloradoan, construction on the Woodward campus will continue through 2015, so users of the newly reopened trail should use caution while adjacent to the property.

Still, for anglers, cyclists, runners, walkers and revelers of all types, it's amazing to have this section of the trail reopened. Navigating around it could be annoying at best, treacherous at worst.

There weren't any scenic ways to bridge the gap between Lincoln and the intersection of Mulberry and Lemay, and even though there is a bike lane on Lemay, that is a very busy artery, so the trail always has been and always will be a better way to move southeast.