I can't even count the number of people I have been approached by to try and buy or sell Organo Gold coffee and tea products, it seems like everyone is selling it. Even a high-level administrator at Poudre School District who is being investigated about trying to make a profit by using his position to sell the stuff.


Now, I don't want to rush to any judgement because all we really know right now is that the Executive Director of Human Resources at PSD has been placed on paid-administrative leave and the district cannot provide any more info because of employee privacy and personnel laws.

7NEWS first exposed [his] business plan, sent on his district email account, which outlined his plans to leverage his position within the district to personally profit through a direct-sales coffee and tea business.

[He] is a recognized member of the organization called Organo Gold.

So, was this guy trying to force people to buy coffee from him? We'll have to wait until the investigation is finished. It seems ridiculous that he would need to forcibly sell coffee to make ends meet. The PSD salary schedule for his position says he would earn between a $119,000 and $150,000 salary this year.

I hope, for everyone involved, that this is just one big giant misunderstanding, but I hope justice is served if there is a case of wrong-doing. If these accusations are true, that seems like a pretty crooked plan for a school district administrator.