When I saw these guys floating their raft in a little pond, I thought, "What a fun, hot spring time activity!"

But that isn't a pond. It's just standing water in a field that is normally grass. As you can see, the floor of picnic structure is also flooded.

The Poudre River is above flood stage, and many of the paths we normally enjoy are under water.

When I shot these photos on Saturday, the parking lot to Legacy Park was still open. A Poudre Fire Authority vehicle drove through while I was there, perhaps to check on the level to make sure it was still safe to allow people to continue to use the lot.

By Sunday afternoon, it was closed. Count on unpredictability when it comes to use of areas near the river or areas that could flood. Until most of the snow melts, we will have to be reactive and ready to change plans at moment's notice.

For most of the year, the river level at this parking lot is usually at least five to fifteen feet below the parking lot. Now, it is almost level with the lot.

Tubing on the Poudre River has been banned for the time being, because these waters would quickly sweep a tuber away and into some kind of man made or natural structure. Or, the velocity of the waters would flip a tuber, leaving them to swim in almost freezing, fast moving water. Drowning would be very likely.

According to the Coloradoan,

The restrictions apply to all air-inflated devices that have only one compartment including inner tubes, air mattresses and small inflatable rafts. The restrictions are effective immediately and will remain in place until further notice.

The time will come when we can again play in the Poudre, but that time is not right now.

Use common sense when approaching flooded areas. If it's underwater, don't go.

We may see closures of whole sections of areas, or entire areas as the river swells with the melting spring snow.

If you need to cool off, do it like these guys: in standing, not moving, water.