Twitter is abuzz with breaking news out of Boulder. Apparently Police are responding to  'rioting' outside the Fox Theatre where  fans are lined up to see Tyler the Creator.

Just after 6PM, KDVR retweeted this info from Daryl Orr:

BREAKING NEWS -Boulder: 200 + rioters . Multiple agencies responding to the Hill.

The Daily Camera reports, that police are blocking numerous intersection in the area and,

Bottles being thrown and numerous officers are responding.

A Camera reporter who just arrived at the scene found a noisy but controlled crowd.

Let's hope it stays that way.

Hopefully it just turns out to be some fans getting a little over anxious for a concert where tickets were being given out on a first-come, first-served basis

***UPDATE 6:52PM

CBS 4 in Denver just tweeted this:

Boulder PD says no riot, no arrests, just a large crowd waiting to get into a free show at the Fox.

I'm a little concerned as to how people calling police confused "a lot of people waiting to get into a concert" with "200+ RIOTERS throwing bottles at police."

But at least at appears this will end without any major incidents.


'The Hill' in Boulder is an area in Boulder just west of the University of Colorado campus full of retail shops, bars, concert venues and restaurants. (Including The Fox Theatre.)

This area is no stranger to riots. This list of riots in Boulder is from Wikipedia, citing a reporter from the Daily Camera putting it together.

  • February 1971— About 50 people "attacked" officers on University Hill.
  • May 1971— For three days, rioters rocked the Hill in an action that had no apparent connection to social protest.
  • May 1972— For several days, anti-Vietnam War protesters closed the Hill with a sit-in. Beat poet Allen Ginsberg calmed down the demonstration.
  • November 1984— Police used tear gas to break up a group of demonstrators near 28th Street and Baseline Road.
  • Early 1990s— The Hill was twice the site of Halloween trouble. Between 1992 and 1997, there were at least six additional riots.
  • April 1992— Local riots coincided with the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles.
  • May 1997— Three nights of rioting resulted in at least 33 arrests.
  • Halloween 1997— Hundreds of revelers set bonfires the Hill.
  • January 1998— After the Super Bowl, fans on the Pearl Street Mall and the Hill lit bonfires and jumped on cars.
  • February 1999— Police used tear gas to disperse about 400 fans gathered on the Hill after the Super Bowl.
  • Halloween 1999— Hundreds of revelers set bonfires on Hill streets, damaged parked cars and fought with police.
  • August 2000— About 1,000 partiers ignited a bonfire, damaged four vehicles and hurled objects at authorities.
  • September 2000— About 200 people assembled around a burning couch and other debris at 14th Street and Euclid Avenue.
  • October 2000— Police arrested 10 people, issued 33 tickets for alcohol offenses and shut down several parties. People threw things at police and set fires.
  • December 2001— Students rioted after the CU football team won the Big 12 Championship.

And there were also riots around Halloween of 2004. (You can see some of the crazy pictures from that one here.)

The Fox Theatre posted this picture to their Facebook page earlier this afternoon of the line forming all the way around the block for the show.

Fox Theatre, Facebook