Play is not an activity that is reserved for the young.

It is something that will make you continue to feel young, and you are free to engage in it at anytime. If you aren't engaging in it on a VERY regular basis, and you feel old, I think there is a correlation there.

To feel young, you must act young. What do young people do? They play! Play whatever you want, but don't let another day go by without playing something.

Part of the problem that prevents people from playing are the motions that we have to make in order to engage in play. Though it's a great slogan and popular signature line, most adults aren't comfortable with 'dancing like nobody's watching.' Likewise, we can be embarrassed by the skipping, jumping, flailing, arm waving and other actions that don't resemble the look of an adult who 'has it all together.'

Yes, we must let go of inhibitions, reservations, what-will-they-thinks and I-couldn't-possiblys and just do what feels great.

I've got the perfect idea to break that glass ceiling of play that no one wants you to stay beneath anyway.

Take part in our Insane Inflatable 5k.

It will be the perfect re-introduction to play for so many reasons!

  • It's a respectable amount of activity, but not too much.
  • It will be safe, because it's on massive air-filled inflatables that people have been loving*.
  • You will have a chance to fall. Falling is part and parcel to playing. It's integral to accepting life's ups and downs. If you haven't fallen, literally or metaphorically, in some time, stop taking yourself so damn seriously, and being so careful and take a risk already! At our Insane Inflatable 5k, you will fall on an inflatable, forgiving surface. Whatever other metaphoric or figurative falls and rebounds you experience are entirely up to you.
  • Everyone else will be doing exactly what you are doing, so you won't have to feel self conscious.
  • You will again have the chance to feel what it is like to let go. I'm not kidding about the importance of falling. On these inflatables, (or in other places, like a powder day) when you just let go and allow the fall, roll, or tumble to take you where it will take you, you might let go of other things to which you are clinging too tightly
I don't feel I'm taking the play, fall or let go metaphors too far at all! Willingness to play, fall, look silly, be silly, carefree and happy leads to actually being silly, carefree and happy. If you haven't tasted happiness for awhile, it's all on you, and maybe it's because you aren't willing to just let go and tumble around for a bit.

*If you haven't exercised in a long time, be careful when resuming vigorous activity. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to get through a 5k or whatever you do. Just do it safely.