It looks as though the scumbags of the Westboro Baptist Cult (church) have cut their own throats; sort of speak. With their showing in Connecticut last week, it appears the entire country has just had enough of these foul and vile human beings and I use the term "human' loosely.

Journey 4 Justice/Ohio 1 - EJ Barrett

A petition against these pukes in Topeka is not new. There have been probably a hundred flying around for years but now it's a new story.

Finally, the entire country has taken notice at who the WBC are and what they do and hopefully these new petitions are finally the ones that will call them what we all know they are...A FREAKING HATE GROUP!

Them being a 'hate group" is not news we don't already know but now the White House and IRS are going to be held under a microscope and it's my humble opinion that it's now or never to rid this country of America's Most Hated family.  If they make it through what is on them now, we will never get rid of them.

The time to strike is right now. Below you will find links to the three major petitions going around right now and if you're a tax-paying American citizen, you need to sign all three and make sure every person you know signs them too.

It's now or never!

Seriously, this could be the end of the line for the WBC and if all goes well, their tax-exempt status could be revoked and stamped 'retroactive' which would probably bankrupt them and we'd never hear of them again.  What they do would be against the law and they would have no tax shelter and they would have to crawl under some rocks and rot.

Please sign all three petitions so our government has no choice but to act swiftly and harshly and do what should have been done 10 years ago. Pleas sign...