I love Craigslist. I will go there just for fun on a pretty regular basis. I also will go on missions to find a certain item, and that is always a really fun as well, because I often can't believe the amazing results I have gotten.


I'm not a huge fan of selling things on Craigslist unless I'm going to get over $100 for the item. I have done it when it is obvious that I can get a little cash for the item. If it's marginal, I just drop it off at the thrift store. But I did sell the chair in the photo gallery above and ended up making a little bit on it.

Random buying

This is what I normally do. I'll cruise the General, Sporting, Electronics, Musical Instruments or Motorcycles section just for fun. Something pops out that I knew I already wanted, and I'm on it. This is how I ended up with a chairlift from Breckenridge in my backyard.

Specific buying

When I know I want something, I shop, shop, shop like crazy. This is what happened when we were buying my motorcycle. I'd shop it every day and look for the perfect one for me. I'll never forget the day I saw my bike. Right in my price range, size need, and ready to go! I saved a lot of money versus buying the same bike from a dealer.