Paul Wozniak has been chosen to lend whatever dancing talent he may have to help support Arts and Culture in Northern Colorado. He's been in the entertainment industry for most of his life, and had a bit of experience with dance, but that was decades ago. So,  how will he fare in front of hundreds of people at Dancing with the Stars of Fort Collins on February 12? "You'll get my best, I can promise you that!" laughs Paul.

He's been paired with longtime Northern Colorado dancer Teal Bosworth. "There may be a discrepancy between what Paul wants to do and what he actually physically is capable of doing, but I'd rather have someone with big dreams!! We are having a blast, and it's all about raising money to keep Arts and Culture  alive and well in Northern Colorado."

The wonderfully entertaining evening includes well known people from the Northern Colorado area paired with a dancer from Canyon Concert Dance Center.

Proceeds go to help with costs of productions that CCDC puts on throughout the year, so basically, it's keeping Northern Colorado beautiful!