We met a friend for breakfast in Boulder, then took a ride up Flagstaff Road.

On our way down, Sarah leaned up and said, "Let's visit the Mork and Mindy house!"

I hadn't even thought of it. I asked my buddy Kevin if he wanted to go, and he was in.

We had a bit of trouble finding it, and asked a bicyclist, and she pointed us in the right direction, letting us know that once we got there, we'd be able to tell by the memorial stuff all over the fence, and there would probably be a crowd gathered outside.

There was a steady stream of people stopping by, taking photos, and leaving things to memorialize the late great Robin Williams.

I felt very sad being there. I wondered why he did what he did, and since I can't understand it, it just made me sad.

Mr. Williams impact was profound, that is an obvious understatement. But being there, and seeing the mementos and memorials people left, and exchanging eye contact with people, I really felt it.

It was powerful. Here we are, more than a week later, and a steady stream of people are still stopping to see a home that he had a part of more than 30 years ago. I bet they'll continue to visit it for weeks, even months to come.

I hope you enjoy the photo gallery. Now go watch some Mork and Mindy!