I eat chia every day, and was sorry to see that there were some chia products that were recalled.

The reason to be suspicious of cheap chia seed is because it shouldn't be cheap. It has to be grown at a certain latitude, altitude, moisture content, soil type and climate. There are very specific conditions under which quality chia can be grown.

Chia, as we know from the Chia Pet, will grow just about anywhere. That doesn't mean that it will have good nutritional properties. For that, it has to be grown with great care. Then, when we eat it, the seed needs to be opened for many of the nutrients to become biologically available to us. If we take the whole seed, the powerful hull of it will keep it intact and it will go right through us. So, many companies grind it. This leads to mold and potentially to salmonella.

Since it will grow anywhere, though, and because it's a hot topic 'superfood' that people everywhere are realizing is magic, many companies are attempting to cash in on it. Apparently, some of them aren't doing a very good job.

The Centers for Disease Control said this month Navitas Naturals of California and other companies have recalled chia powder linked to salmonella illness.

According to the Associated Press;

Carolyn Marie Shirley of Fort Collins filed the lawsuit Thursday in federal court in Denver. The suit says Shirley was diagnosed with salmonella after getting sick in March. It says she began consuming Navitas' chia powder in December 2013. The CDC says 21 people in 12 states have been sickened with salmonella linked to chia powder. Canada is investigating similar illnesses.

I stay away from chia powders simply because I don't know anything about the process that creates them. I also want to eat things as close to the source as possible, and powder is not close to the source.

The results I have gotten from chia have been astounding. A surge in physical improvement started for me as soon as I took it, and when I added regular workouts, yoga and running, I started to look like this.

It's not a coincidence. Chia, along with organic sulfur, organic greens, less dairy, less red meat, no (or very little) high fructose corn syrup, has made a noticeable change in my physique, energy level, strength and endurance. I will not stop taking it, and if you do start, check your source, and pick a good one. This is where I get mine.