I lived in the Wood St. house for 7 years. When I moved in I was 31, unmarried, and quite clueless. Many things have happened and I have learned much since then, some of them about owning a house, and others just about life.

Here are the top things that happened as I spent my time in Old Town, Fort Collins.


We adopted Della

Taking full responsibility for the well being of another living thing felt like a major step for me, and it was. I love her so much, and am so glad she is in our family.

She came to us from the Larimer Humane Society.

I married Sarah

Once again, it was a pretty big decision. I've heard people say that the most important decision we can make is the choice of who we marry. I chose well.

The amazing thing about that whole process is that as we spend more and more time together, she is taking more control over her own happiness. She is, as her website says, reaching for bliss, and it's nice to be watching that from the armchair.

Moved from 99.9 the Point to TRI 102.5

This was a really big move for me that gave me the chance to make a change in career while still working for the same company. So, the job was different, but I didn't have to move, get a new boss, navigate a new corporate culture, etc. It brought me to my new 'work wife', the inimitable Susan Moore. Plus, I love the listeners of TRI 102.5, it really is like a family!

Lost money on a stupid loan I never should have taken

It was an expensive lesson, but one well learned. 'Adjustable rate' translates to 'RUN! RUN! RUN FOR THE HILLS!' I basically gave the power to raise the amount they charge me to loan me money to the person loaning me the money. Or something. I don't fully understand, but basically, the rate was 'adjustable', and 'adjust' it did. And it did not 'adjust' in my favor. We did a panicked refi, and lost a bunch of figurative money. Oh well, all's well that ends well.

Created a multi-media kids series that teaches green lessons

The Green Radventures now has 2 book apps in the Apple store, 1 ebook on Amazon, a website, 5 songs, and much more to come. Much of the content that I present comes from what I've learned from my friends in Old Town.

Started learning to surrender and ask for help

This is possibly the most valuable lesson I learned while living there. I went from a person who saw surrender or admitting that I didn't know something as a weakness to the opposite. Now, I draw power from surrender, and enlist a team to help me accomplish just about anything. It is just so much easier that way.