Edora Skate Park in Fort Collins is one of my all time favorites. Its high ranking on my list of personal favorites does not just come from the fact that it is in my hometown of Fort Collins. Put that park anywhere and I would have a great love for it. It has more flow than anywhere I've skated, the transitions change constantly, and it has been a great park for me to learn.

The Good

The whole park is not good, it's GREAT. I began skating back in the early 80's. I began park skating just over a year ago. So, when I started, I had a lot to learn. Edora was incredible for this because the east side of the park has smaller half pipe and bowl features that are great for getting your skate legs under you. There are plenty of roll-ins so I could skate into plenty of areas without worrying if coping was going to ruin my day.

As I gained more confidence and was able to experiment and explore more and more, Edora provides plenty of bigger walls and a deep pool (9 feet, I believe). The pool has a legit old school edge on it with tile just below that. My wheels on the tile has been one of the best sounds I've ever heard.

At Edora, you can skate big or small, jump gaps, jib boxes, slide, grind, carve, and do whatever you want to do. Plus, you'll see some kids who have grown up there putting on X-Games caliber skate exhibitions.

The Bad

There is no bad. Edora is ALL GOOD! Well, there is some litter in the bottoms of the bowls from time to time.


Shred this gnar. Get after it. There is no reason to have not skated Edora. It's amazing.