I got the email notification, then saw that 'Occupy' protesters had set up shop at the Walmart distribution center.

Fine, protest if you like. What I find laugh out loud funny though is this:

From our Drew who was on the scene:

protesters shouted at the police in front of them to arrest the truck drivers, because they were “the real criminals” for working for a company like Walmart.

Really ?

Arrest the truck drivers?

You have got to be kidding me.

These are honest hard working men and women (part of the 99% sic) just trying to earn a decent living for their families. And you have the nerve to target and label them as criminals?

Get your priorities in order. You have now become a farcical caricature of protesters with no real agenda or focus.

I almost feel sorry for you.

Not quite, but almost.

How can you possibly think that a movement that was supposed to be targeting corporate corruption, to be taken seriously, when you've degenerated into attacking the blue collar workers of the world.

Oooh the evil Walmart! Offering low prices on everyday goods.

God help us! It must be the end of the world.

Beware of 7-11 and the Loaf and Jug. They have sinister machinations in the works for America too!


I guess you know where I stand on all of this. It's not with big corporations, but I certainly don't stand beside any of you who haven't got a clue.

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