I was ready to put up with the construction.  I was willing to brave any potential traffic.  I was all set to bid farewell to the Foothills Mall I've come to know and love.  But all that willingness came from the excitement of one of my favorite places finally coming to Fort Collins: Dave & Busters.  Now, with the revised plans for the mall, my excitement is gone.

Alright, maybe not gone, but severely diminished.  Here's the story:

New plans for the renovation of Foothills Mall in midtown Fort Collins were just released, and they propose a 10% smaller mall than originally planned.  One of the major cuts made: no more Dave & Busters on top of the proposed movie theater.

Now, I'm nothing if not a kid-at-heart.  I've been to Dave and Buster's twice for my birthday within the last five years (and once for someone else's)!  But the closest one is in Westminster, quite the jaunt from Fort Collins.  So my heart skipped a beat when I heard they were going to have one in Foothills Mall.

Now that excitement has been replaced with sadness. *sigh* Oh well...

In other mall news, the new plans estimate the mall will be fully open by late 2015, a year later than previously expected.

So it no longer has my favorite part, and we have to wait a year longer for it to open.


What other changes do you think should be made to the mall plans?  Leave a comment and let us know!

[via The Coloradoan]