I wrote an article about how I only wear Pittsburgh colors, and upon reflection, I realized that even though my Pirates hat is pretty much what I wear in the rare cases I do wear a hat, I can, will and do support the Broncos, and other Colorado teams.

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It would have been more accurate to say that when I am wearing sports apparel it is pretty much always Pittsburgh.

But the premise of the article isn't accurate. It's written from the 'I could never root for another team but Pittsburgh' point of view that many Steeler fans and other sports fans take. With me, it simply isn't true. It wasn't true when I lived in Pennsylvania.

It is accurate to say that if the Bucs are playing the Rockies, the Steelers are against the Broncos, or the Pens are facing the Avs, that I'll lean black and gold. I'm growing though, and now realize that that situation is best case scenario. I get to have fun ribbing my Colorado people, then, whoever wins, I have a real connection, so I can stay happy. Life is grand.

I'm retracting because I don't want to be some displaced yinzer, hating on the Broncos. And my wife's (joking) 'Love it or leave it' take on my former scoffing at Denver's football team is the cause of my realization that I do have love for the Broncos because I have a lot of love for Colorado. It has accepted me and gives me more opportunity for blessings in my life that I could ever hope for. I have had some of the best times in my life here. I am a Colorado citizen, and the Broncos are in the big game, so I have their back.

I'm not wearing a jersey, because I don't wear jerseys (bad fashion choice, not going back on that one). But I am wearing blue, and I can say with real gusto and feeling....ahem....GO BRONCOS!!

Actually, I'll say it here. Click play!