What an awesome contest that helps us pay homage to our moms!

Come on folks! Whatever gift we get for our mom for Mother's Day, it won't be enough to really thank the one that brought us into the world. Sure, the sentiment is what counts, and she appreciates it, but I was happy to see us reaching out with another way to recognize what mom has done for us.

Why does my mom rock the most?

I think the picture above sums it up. My mom always trusted me more than I trusted myself. When I was afraid to do something, she would give me a look like, "What are you afraid of? You can do this!" The case in point? In that photo I'm about 2, but she knew that I could handle open water. "Sure, let him in the water. He'll be fine."

I take that theme with me still. I'll be fine. I couldn't be afraid to get out there and do something if my mom wasn't afraid for me, right? She taught me to have little or no fear, and I may have taken it further than she intended, but I'd rather have than be timid.

Or maybe I wasn't timid from the beginning and she simply encouraged it. Either way, I'm happy with what I've learned, I love my mom, and if I were eligible for this contest, we'd win it!

You are eligible, so grab a photo of your mom, and enter the My Mom Rocks Contest now!