I have to keep my eye on my sister. The girl has always known how to find the latest tech. Well, I should say the latest useful tech. We're not engineers or programmers. We're normal folks who love gadgets that enhance our lives. Whether it was the discovery of how great CD players were back in 1984, or the app she showed me over Thanksgiving.

It has nothing to do with buying gifts or commerce of any kind. It's about memories and I've been waiting for two years to find this kind of app. I looked over and noticed she was programming a timer on her iPhone! Finally!

Camera+ is my first experience with a camera app that finally has a timer on it. Yeah, the turn around camera is great for shots of me and my wife, but when it comes to staging a photo with the dog in and scenery in the background, I have to have a timer.

Or, if it's time to take a family photo, we can't just leave one person out of it because they have to click the camera button. I was so happy to see the timer button on this app and have used it numerous times since.

Add a Gorillapod, a mini tripod with moldable legs, and an iStabilizer iPhone tripod adapter and I've got another great addition to my mobile studio. That is my Christmas dream.

Camera+ also has great editing features and cool effects like Instagram or Aviary.

What is your favorite camera app?