When you can come up with a scary treat that's good on a burger, in a taco, on a chip or by the spoonful, wow... eats time to eat.

stevendepolo, flickr

Granted, when you cut into a Pomegranate, it looks a little like a bloody brain, but very fitting for Halloween.This would make a great addition to your Costume party or group dinner.


1 Large Pomegranate, 1 Large ear of Corn (cook in salt and cut from cob-or just buy a small can of corn), 1 Large Avocado (diced) and 1 cup Black Beans


Peel the Pomegranate and set seeds aside (it helps to cut them in half and place in water for a few minutes) and mix with the rest of the ingredients. To keep it fresh squeeze the juice from one lemon or lime and mix.

This is great no matter what you serve it with... experiment this scary treat and have fun!