Loveland, Colorado's annual Valentine Re-Mailing Program is underway, and they have a couple of opportunities coming up where YOU can help!

Find out the details- inside!

It's been going on for over 67 years in 'The Sweetheart City': The annual Loveland Valentine Re-Mailing Program!  Folks send their valentines to Loveland, and then they get stamped with the yearly cache and sent on to it's loving destination.  It's just ONE of the great things I appreciate about my hometown!

This year's Cache:

A text, A Twitter or email will do,

But not the same the same as a Love Letter from you.

From 'The Sweetheart City' on Valentine's Day,

Sending wishes the old fashioned way.

I found out that there are TWO 'Stamp Camps' coming up that would be informational as well as great fun!  These 'Stamp Camps' will let YOU come in and help with the stamping and re-mailing of the more than 160,000 valentines that will come through Loveland!

Facebook, Loveland Museum/Gallery

The camps will take place at The Loveland Museum/Gallery on February 6th (3:30-5pm) and on February 9th (1-2:30pm).  These are open to anyone 8 and older who want to share the spirit of "The Sweetheart City" with people across the world! You'll learn more about Loveland's 67+ year tradition, as well as have a hand in at the stamping!

If you want to be in one of the two 'Stamp Camps' you DO need to get per-registered by calling the Loveland Museum/Gallery at (970) 962-2410.

If you want to send YOUR valentine through the Loveland Valentine Re-Mailing Program, they have all the details right here!

Since it's all about Valentines Day-- How about a great video ABOUT VALENTINES!