Less than a month after the announcement that City News is closing, another downtown Loveland business is meeting the same fate.

Despite a store-wide remodel and a complete re-vamp of the attached coffee shop, the Anthology Book Co. in Loveland will be shutting down forever on May 25th.

"We've all been holding on by our fingertips down here for a long time," said Stephanie Stauder, who has owned Anthology with her husband, Mark, for 10 years.

Stauder said competitive pressures from online book sellers and e-books and a weakness in downtown Loveland's retail market both contributed to the store's closing, but she doesn't want to complain.

"I'm really grateful and wanting to celebrate the last 10 years and exit on a high note," she said.

My thoughts are with the owners and employees of Anthology.  I hope you can bounce back from this and pursue other opportunities as soon as possible.

Share your favorite memory of the Anthology Book Co. in the comments below, if you like.