water dreamIf you notice your drinking water in Loveland smelling funny, don't worry, the water is still safe to drink.

Read on to see why the City of Loveland says the smell and taste of water may change over the next couple of weeks.

According to the City of Loveland, the Green Ridge Glade Reservoir has been affected by an outbreak of algae. The algae could make water taste slightly different or make it smell funny, but it will still be safe to drink.

A recent outbreak of algae growth at Green Ridge Glade Reservoir may cause taste and odor issues with the drinking water in the City of Loveland in the coming weeks. Loveland Water and Power (LWP) continues to use only raw water from the Green Ridge Glade Reservoir for the city’s water supply.

Algae blooms are common in raw water sources in late summer and early fall. High summer temperatures and recent abnormal rain accumulations created optimum conditions for algae growth in the reservoir.

The taste and odor compounds in the water are not harmful to drink. Loveland drinking water can be used and consumed normally. LWP is monitoring and treating the raw water in Green Ridge Glade Reservoir to reduce taste and odor issues in the drinking water. Loveland water continues to meet all state and federal water standards.

If customers have questions or concerns about odor or taste issues with the drinking water, they can call Loveland Water and Power at (970) 962-3000.

Mmm...stinky water. I can't wait.