I have a pair of these, and they are great! Well worth the not-so-pricey cost of about $60. Deibullz Earphones. They fit in your ear. Or I should say, they fit in YOUR ear. The fact they were created, and are made in Loveland is just awesome!

Decibullz Earphones came out in 2012. I heard about them when I was looking for a pair of workout earphones that year. I thought it was a cool concept, and cool that they were from Loveland, Colorado.

These earphones are unique in the aspect that the part that fits into your ear, molds to fit exactly.  You soak each earpiece in hot water for a few minutes to soften it up, then mold it to the shape of your ear. Within a few minutes, the mold sets and you have a perfect fitting pair of earphones that won’t flip out of your ears when you are active!  Plus, they come with a tangle-free cable-  I LOVE that part.

The man who came up with Decibullz is a former Olympic gymnast to needed music while jumping up and down.  Necessity breeds invention, as they say.  They’re comfortable, have very good sound quality and now can say that they are award winners!

Decibullz just won ‘Best Earphones of 2015’ from Reviewed.com. That’s great! Turns out, they are the smallest company to ever get the award, as they only have eight employees. EIGHT!

In other great news for Decibullz, it looks that these bad boys are about to go wireless! Looks like I have something for my birthday present list!

[Source: CBS4]