The heated fracking debate is in high gear in Loveland, and now it sounds like at least one person is trying to swing the vote- illegally.

Peter MacDiamird

Loveland is holding a special election to decide if the city will impose a 2-year moratorium on fracking.  These ballots have been mailed out- and need to be brought to the city clerk’s office. The Reporter-Herald reported that at least two people have been approached at their homes and asked for their ballots –as in “I’ll take it there for you”. The city does not come to collect ballots. I assume the person or persons was planning on looking at the ballots, and if didn’t go the way they wanted, in the trash they would go.

I have friends on both sides of the fracking issue. I’ve seen them have heated arguments about it on Facebook. It is a tough call- with environmental concerns up against revenue potential, it’s not that hard to see someone trying to push the vote in the direction THEY support.

"Yes' or "No', the ballots need to be in to the clerk’s office by 7 pm Tuesday June 24th.

[Source-The Reporter-Herald]