FEMA , Getty Images[/caption]If you know someone that has West Nile, this story will hit home for you.  If you don't, this story gives you a good idea what it does to you.

A local Colorado woman living in Windsor always takes precautions against those annoying mosquitoes.

She told The Denver Channel, "Always sunscreen and bug spray wherever we go," as she sprayed herself and and her children with mosquito repellent before they played at a local park.

The woman said she has always been a lifelong mosquito magnet.

But the woman is also painfully aware that mosquitoes aren't just annoying pests.

She can tell how a mosquito bite forever changed her life, with West Nile.

Normally, symptoms last up to a week.

But the Windsor woman had one of those rare cases where the virus causes a serious brain infection that can cause lifelong effects and no cure.