If we keep our homes a bit cooler, we might lose some weight during the cold winter months according to a new study. Of course, spending time outdoors and exercising will help too.  I found information on this study on 9News.com. I might turn down my thermostat tonight.  Why?

A study out of University College London suggests keeping a hot household during the cold winter months doesn't allow our bodies to work to stay warm. That means we don't burn as many calories as we could if we got a little chilly.Part of the reason you burn more calories in cold temperatures is something called brown fat. This type of fat burns energy to create heat and is only activated when you're cold. We have plenty of it when we are babies, but it wasn't until recently that scientist found we also have small amounts even as adults. And since brown fat burns energy more efficiently to keep our bodies warm, having a lower thermostat and even small amounts of this brown fat means we burn more calories throughout the day.

Experts say keeping your thermostat below seventy and spending time being active outdoors can help you stay fit during the winter freeze.

See the complete story at 9NEWS.com . So what do you think? Will you drop your thermostat a few degrees to stay cooler during the winter months?