My day started at 3:40 am as it always does. My husband sets my alarm to gently rouse me with soft light and birds chirping. Nice. Then my 4-month old puppy stretches and yawns next to me, ready with puppy kisses. The cat wanders in for a snack and pets, but mostly to see his playmate, the puppy. They play while I get ready for my day. WAIT there is more.

Before I get in my truck to leave for work, I stop in the barn and am welcomed by
nickers and horses hoping for a scratch before I go. THEN I drive 8 miles to the
studios where I get to be on two really good morning radio shows with people I really love.

And the day continues after work on our little farmette in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It's lots of work, but most is a labor of love.

I've worked my whole life to create my world, even when I didn't know exactly
what that would be.

If I could pass on any words of wisdom, they would be:

Surround yourself with the most positive people. Those who support, encourage and make you laugh. Invest time in those souls, enjoy the company.They will help you get all you want in life. They are also the ones who will cry with you.

Surround yourself with good music, songs that speak to your heart. One of the best songs I know is Tim McGraw's 'Humble and Kind'.

Surround yourself with what you love. If it's animals, gardens, books, etc make time every day to enjoy them.

Many years ago I attended a Zig Ziglar conference and have held on to one thing that makes a difference still to this day. When someone asks, "How are you?" I respond,
"I couldn't be better, thank you for asking" EVEN when that's not the total truth. Merely voicing those words is powerfully positive.