Strange and funny thought, but that’s the way of resurfacing today. 

Here I am just tooling around on Twitter and click on this update and follow that update and somehow I land on the city of Fort Collins website. (I assume this is how the internet got to be known as the web or net, I definitely got webbed or um, netted lol!) I started reading this really cool story about road resurfacing and better yet how they now take toilet donations.

The article told of all the really cool things the city can do with recycled aggregate materials, including toilets. The city can use the materials for a variety of projects like road resurfacing, material use for under buildings and back-up ground for special projects. I couldn’t believe how interested I was and most likely it was really the thought of toilets in our roads, but nonetheless I continued to learn more about our city, recycling and resurfacing roads, parking lots and driveways. I still had a bit of trouble thinking about using toilets for resurfacing the roads and wondered if I was even reading the information correctly, so I called Amanda Cameron at the streets crushing operations offices. I asked Amanda if it was true:

Did you know that you can recycle your old toilet and get a $50 rebate? (and then drive over it on Lemay someday ha ha) In order to recycle your toilet you’ll have to remove all plastic parts and the seat. Click here to learn more.

The nuts and bolts of the program:

In 2009 the city of Fort Collins crushed more than 100,00 metric tons of material. Crushing was recognized as a national best practice sustainability project for its reduction of water, solid waste, transportation pollution and greenhouse gas. It also generates revenue.

Of course you know the way my brain works, I have now been writing some crazy  movie in my head about the day of the toilet(s). In my movie the roadways start to crack and open up… well, maybe I should keep that to myself-hold out for the Hollywood big bucks on this one. :P