I love a good beef BBQ or some Talapia, or Chicken on the grill, but recently I decided to go vegetarian. That decision has been good for me from a health point of view; I’ve dropped 25 pounds and feel great.

That doesn’t mean I don’t miss a good grilled steak! Now of course my carnivorous co-workers and friends are not above poking a little fun at yours truly. But the worst is when my friend Brian has a bag of beef jerky in his studio and picks up a piece saying “now this is meat.”

Cruel and unusual punishment? Indeed!

He might as well have waved it under my nose, which he may have when I wasn’t looking. Well, I succumbed and grabbed a piece of the jerky, just to let him know, I’ve still got the carnivore within. That’ll teach him!

So now, I’m contemplating whether I should ask the vegetarian gods for forgiveness and also; I’m wondering if there is some sort of penitence that I need to perform. You know, smothering myself in Kiwi juice and jumping into a Pomegranate pool, whilst chomping carrots and celery during my leap. It was the best display of my contrition I could come up with. If you have any alternate actions I should take, please let me know. Also, if you have any great vegetarian recipes, I’m all ears. Comment below.