As upset as I was by the crazy April (and May) snowstorms we got this year, more news is coming out proving how great it was for the community at large.

Now that many snow packs in northern Colorado are near or above 100 percent, the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District’s board of directors is considering increasing the water quota for the Colorado-Big Thompson Project (northern Colorado's largest water supply project), according to the Greeley Tribune.

What does that mean exactly?  It means more water available to our cities and agriculture.  A lot more.

If the board were to increase the C-BT water quota by 10 percent, for example, that would make available an additional 31,000 acre-feet of water — or about 10 billion gallons — to northern Colorado cities, industries, farmers and ranchers.


10 BILLION more gallons of water for our industries and farmers?  Yes, please!

Officials say there's only about a 50/50 chance of this actually happening, but I sure hope it does!  The board meets Friday to decide.

I definitely won't complain as much next time we get a snowstorm, I promise!