As you may have heard, we have partnered up with Ehrlich on 35th in Greeley, and you have a chance to win $1,000 on Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Fridays, and $10,000 on Thursdays throughout November. Sure, you could pay off some bills, buy a new car, or go on vacation with the money, but we have a better idea. Let's pig out on the best grub Northern Colorado has to offer!!

  • 5,586 Cheeseburgers at JB's in Greeley

    Since 1937 the little drive in on the corner of 8th Ave. and 25th St. in Greeley has been serving the best (greasiest) cheeseburger you will find in all of Northern Colorado. They raise their own cattle for the beef on their farm northeast of Latham in Weld County, that translates into the freshest beef patty you'll ever see on a bun! Oh, and for every 12 burgers you buy, you get a free gallon of their famous homemade root beer too. If my math is correct, you'll have 465 gallons of root beer to help wash all those burgers down!

  • 20,755 Ram Hot Wings From Jims Wings in Ft. Collins

    Does it really get better than wings, beer, and sports? Didn't think so! With ten grand you can buy an awful lot of wings, and if heat isn't your thing, don't worry, you will have plenty of cash to try out all 8 varieties of wings and still have some cash left over for a beer or two!
  • 589 Famous Pepper Steaks from the Black Steer in Loveland

    The only steak house worth heading to in Loveland since 1966, the Black Steer has become a Northern Colorado staple. House aged choice beef is cut daily to order, and the fixins' that come along side your steak were all made in house too. With ten grand you can take the readers of the Loveland Reporter Herald who all voted the Black Steer as the best steak in Loveland in their Readers' Choice Awards this year.

  • 1,117 Orders of World Famous Rocky Mountain Oysters at Bruce's Bar in Severance

    It's hard to imagine Bruce's not serving Rocky Mountain Oysters, but the first two years they were open there were no “nuts” on the menu. That changed in 1959 when Bruce Ruth took the gamble of beginning to service Rocky Mountain Oysters — a move that eventually made his business world famous. If eating a piece of the bull that was originally intended to produce baby bulls isn't for you, Bruce's does have a great selection of non-nut items too. I think you can say that Bruce's made quite an impression since a sign was erected in the center of Severance, which bears the slogan “Town of Severance — Where the Geese Fly and the Bulls Cry.”

    Flickr/ stevegarufi
  • 1,000 Monte Cristo's from Fat Albert's in Greeley

    If you want a sandwich in Greeley there is no questions on where the best place is to go to get it. Fat Albert's is approaching their 30th year serving Greeley, and everyone knows what the specialty is… The Monte Cristo! A fried sandwich stuffed full of deli meats and cheese, paired perfectly with jam or honey. Good luck eating one, which is actually cut into quarters, which means with your ten grand you are actually getting 4,000 of these yummy fried sandwiches. Don't forget to save room for Sue's homemade pie!

  • 263 Mixed Grill Plates at Jay's Bistro in Ft. Collins

    Over thirty plus years Jay Witlen and his wife, Jacki, have made their restaurant, Jay's Bistro, the finest dining destination in Fort Collins and possibly all of Northern Colorado. Beautifully set in Old Town and serving award winning artfully prepared cuisine well entertaining you with live jazz, Jay's knocks fine dining out of the park! Seafood, hearty Black Angus beef cuts, lamb, pork, it may be hard to choose how to spend your ten grand at Jay's, thats why we went ahead and order you 263 Mixed Plates complete with New Zealand Red Deer Loin on Blackberry Reduction, Petite Filet with Port Wine Demi & Colorado Lamb Rib Chop crusted with Dijon, Asiago & Panko Crumbs on Red Wine Lamb Jus with Potato Croquette. If your mouth isn't watering, you may want to be checked out!
  • 3,460 World Famous Cinnamon Rolls at Johnson's Corner in Johnstown

    From a gas station in the middle of nowhere to being recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives, Johnson's Corner have come a long way in 59 years. This has brought the truck stop too many awards too mention including being named “Top Truck Stop Restaurant” in the country by the Food Network in 2004. Since it opened it has never closed, which means if you ever get the craving for one of their most famous menu items, the cinnamon roll, you can get no matter what time or day. 3,460 of them isn't recommended, but with tan grand you might as well stock up on the best cinnamon roll ever!
  • 9,528 Ribs at Nordy's in Loveland

    I don't know that there is anyway to become a certified rib expert, so I am going to claim myself as one. So, from a rib expert, you will never come close to eating a better rib than at Nordy's. More meat on each piece than a small steak, and talk about fall of the bone… Be careful, or when you pick it up it just may slide onto the floor, and what a shame that would be! Cover your ribs in one of their four homemade sauces and you'll soon know why “Texan's don't mess with them.” With all the great homemade sides to go along with your ribs, you might want to split the 9,528 ribs you ordered with your ten grand up between a few visits!