I sometimes come into the studio in the very early morning to find dozens of emails waiting for me. And five of them actually need my attention.

Mailbox too full? Maybe you need an 'unsubscribe' session

Don't even get me started about long weekends or mid week ski trips. I can come back to over a hundred emails, and I only care about 10% of them.

Then, I get a warning from my email provider letting me know that my mailbox is reaching its limit and I may not be able to send or receive emails! AAARRRGH!

Well, there is a way out and it's simple. Unsubscribe.

Any reputable company that has somehow found your email address and is flooding your inbox with junk should have a link in every email that gives you the opportunity to opt out of receiving the emails.

It is a law. Read about it here.The cool ones make it easy. Some of them make it more difficult to find, but there should be something there.

Look for the link that says 'Unsubsribe' and if that isn't there, then look for something like 'Change Settings'. Once you click, sometimes you have to confirm that it is your email, but other than that, I have found it very painless to identify what I don't want, and let them know about it.