My philosophy is that Facebook is a platform for us to share what we would like to share with the world. For me, it is a celebration spot where I get to put what is awesome about my life out there for any of my friends, family or any other people who care to see. It's pretty much our very own yearbook, and we can make it whatever we want it to be.

The comparison to a yearbook is apt, because it is such a visual site. There are things to hear, but most of the time we spend cruising Facebook is spent looking at status updates and pictures.

Taking advantage of the visual aspect of it can really get people interested in your page.

I let my main page serve my personal and professional lives, which I think works perfectly because it mirrors what happens in conversation. When we see people we haven't seen for awhile, what do we ask each other? 'How's the family?' 'How's work?' Right?

The answer comes weekly on my Facebook feed.

My family is great. Here we are smiling in the park near our house, as seen on Facebook.

If someone is thinking, 'I wonder how Paul is doing...' the answer is right there on my Facebook page. Most of the other questions are answered as well, like 'What is Paul doing?' 'With whom is he doing it?' 'Where is he doing it?'

'Why is he doing it?' is not answered. If you don't know why I am doing what I am doing, then we are probably just Facebook friends, not real friends. However, maybe we'll become real friends someday. I like that Facebook puts that possibility out there.

DJ Bunny. Put an image like this up, and people will respond. Skip captioning because wondering is more memorable than knowing.

Facebook Reflects Reality

I definitely put the rose colored version of my life online. It mirrors my reality, for sure, but it even more closely mirrors the reality I want to see. Wife, dog, Fort Collins, ski, ski, ski, ski, radio, wife, dog, golf, skate, wife, dog, Fort Collins, snow, snow, snow, snow, and repeat. No sadness allowed. If you are overly sad on Facebook, I'm dumping you. I'm just not interested in it.

Pictures Tell the Story

This picture = 8,000 words

I explained this concept more in my post about how to use Instagram to create interest in your Facebook page, so you can read more there. Basically, we all pretty much always have cameras with us, and snapping and posting is easier than writing letters. Take advantage of this on your page.

People love great photos. Great pics of you and your family doing really fun things don't require excessive time like videos, and they tell as much as anything can while still leaving the oh so important 'mystery' aspect in there.

On Facebook, we don't want to see a million pictures of your vacation without you in it. If we want to see photos of Venice, we'll go to Google Images. On your vacation, we want to see YOU! That said, one or two landscapes break up the 'Me-Fest' that I just described, and they make for great cover photos

The 'Where ARE you?' Effect

Because I am an adventurer, my favorite reaction to my photos is when someone says 'Where is that?' in the comment section. Well, they aren't going to ask that question if you share the location, or put the location in the caption. Mystery creates interest, and can and will create conversation, in person or on Facebook.

Plus, if they ask, (or click 'Like') you know that what you are doing is interesting.

So, find what you do that interests people, and make great photos of that.

We get it. You like to ski.


I'm going to disconnect my Ski Tracks app from my Facebook feed this year. My friends saw enough selfies of me at Steamboat last year. More of the same gets boring, but we end up doing the same things year after year, right? How do we switch it up?

For me, I'll just choose another cool activity to photograph. Perhaps I'll do an 'in the car with a cool background' type series. I have to do something different. Otherwise, I'm the guy who only posts skiing photos.

My passions lead me to my best photos. I feel most alive when I'm out in the woods on my skis, so everything I see looks Instagrammable. That's not how it looks to my Facebook friends. I have fun taking photos that I know will make great cover photos, Instagram to Facebook posts, and as I do that, I try to see things that will be appealing to others who are scrolling their news feed.

You have a passion, too. Showing how it's unique beauty weaves its way through your life will have your friends clicking 'Like' like crazy!