Please help me stop buying hay. I am weak and can't say no.  We horse folk had the bejesus scared out of us.  Media reports warned the drought was going to cause a hay shortage.

Susan Moore, TSM

We only heard about dire conditions for the foreseeable future.   I am part of the media and part of the problem.  I've been like a crazy woman dragging home hay from Loveland to Wyoming..  Some good and some not so good.

The Warrior Susan swore, " With God as my witness, my 5 Arab horses will never go hungry."  I've paid prices DOUBLE last years and now I can't fit anymore in my barn, my feeder, or the box of my hay truck. In FACT...this past weekend cutie patootie Kevin, (BFF Alicia's husband) called from a hay auction to ask if I wanted a 1200 pound round bale. They were selling for $60. Of course I was in.

In picking it up,  I was amazed at  the amount of hay I saw.  It was beautiful and affordable and when I got it home the horses loved it. Am I sorry I panicked and now have hay til spring?  Not at all, but I do think we have been duped by some sellers who prayed on our fears and have taken advantage of us.

As they say, 'Make (sell)  Hay as the Sun Shines'.  I'm more that happy to purchase hay knowing that the seller is making an honest profit...but there are several I'll not call again.

The sale was at Centennial in Greeley off Highway 85...and I hear there's another coming up again next month.  Help!!!