It's no secret that I'm a singer-songwriter so I am certainly drawn to the singing and talent competitions that are out there. First it was American Idol, then America's Got Talent, Nashville Star and now we have The Voice on NBC. Thus far after only two episodes it's drawn a huge viewership.

Here's what I see as the reasons this show has taken off so quickly:

  • Most of the singers are phenomenal, they've been invited because of their talent
  • Each is singing with a complete band and arrangement behind them, no accapella or bad auditions like 'Idol'.
  • The "coaches", Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, listen to the contestants with their backs to the performers, so they are making their decision, based solely on the voice and not on appearance or physical performance.
  • The coaches have each built a team of eight singers. If they like the singer they're hearing they turn their chairs around. If more than one coach turns around the contestant gets to make the decision as to who they will work with. It makes for an interesting twist.
  • Finally, I've been loving the show because of the "fun factor".  No mean reviews or demeaning comments, in fact the program has a playful feel and appeal.

I highly suggest it. That's why I decided to post a full episode that you can check out right here. I'd also love to hear your comments on The Voice. You can post in our comments section below. And of course The X-Factor is on the way....