“Jeopardy!” is on every weeknight, and sure, it is fun to watch and try to play along with, but usually doesn't cause us to stand up and cheer. Not the case Monday (October 22nd) evening. Much of Northern Colorado was off their couches rooting on Greeley resident Betsy Chisolm as she competed and eventually won on the popular game show.

Although she missed the question in Final Jeopardy, Chisolm bet a low enough amount that she still came out on top with a total of $5,199 at the end of day one.

She started the game a little slow, going in the hole by $1,000 early in the game. Heading into the final round, however, she led her competitors with $6,600 compared with $4,000 and $2,000 for the others. The defending champ answered correctly in the last round, but bet nothing so finished with $2,000. The other competitor answered incorrectly and wagered all of his $4,000. Chisolm answered incorrectly, as well, but wagered only $1,401 and came away with the win.

Chisolm gets to keep playing as long as she keeps winning. You can catch her competing again tonight at 6pm Mountain on ABC.