If you live in Greeley, or ever had, you know how hard it is to get a cab, right. Sure, the town used to be a lot smaller, and it was easier to walk home after a few beers, but we have grown, and we needed a cab service. 

The only taxi available to Greeley for as long as I can remember has been Yellow Cab of Northern Colorado, which is based in Fort Collins. That means long waits, and at times, cabs aren't even available.

I wasn't the only one who felt we needed a change. Randy Watkins, his wife, Nicole, and Peter and Beth Martin were also frustrated, so they set out to start their own business, My Car Service Now.

After taking all the steps to get the business started, the business is ready to go.

Along with cab service, the business will also provide designated drivers which drive customers' cars home from anywhere in the city, using folding motorized scooters that fit any vehicle's trunk to get from place to place.

The designated drivers to be ready to roll by July 4, and the rest of the cab service should be operational by mid-August.