The show that seems to have more and more people tuning in every week is now up for Five Golden Globes. It took me a while to catch on to the phenomenon, but now Glee seems to be a weekly tradition in my home and is easily leading Golden 'nods' in the TV category. Are you a Glee fan or maybe a fanatic?

Glee's pop culture domination continued Tuesday morning with the announcement that the show had gotten five Golden Globe nominations, easily leading the TV category and besting eight other shows — including 30 Rock, Dexter, Mad Men and Modern Family — that each scored three. The show's nominations include best actor nods for Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison, supporting nods for Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer, and Best TV Series - Comedy.The show won Best TV Series - Comedy at last season's awards but lost the other three categories for which it was nominated, including the same three nods as this year for Lynch, Michele and Morrison.

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