Before I started the Dare to Lose challenge, I was already exercising on my own (I have a wedding coming up, after all), but it wasn't very consistent.  It was just too hard to find the motivation to go run on the treadmill and lift weights every day.  After starting the challenge, I realized what my problem was: I needed people to do it with me.

Having a team of people on my side, all of us working towards a common goal, has been an incredible source of support for me over the past month.  That, combined with trainers and fitness instructors keeping me honest, has really given me a boost on my journey to being healthier.  It can still be difficult to find motivation at times; but when I come home after a workout, and my fiance tells me how great I look and how proud she is of me, it's all completely worth it.

I know everyone is different, and some people prefer a "lone wolf" approach to things like this; but for me, it's the support of others that's really going to make me succeed with getting in shape.  Heck, it already has!  I can't wait to see where I am in a couple more months; because right now, I feel like things can only get better.