It started as an idea: “Let’s do one of those ‘crazy’ 5Ks- but instead of fire, mud, and barbed wire… let’s go insane and REALLY BLOW THINGS UP!”

And so…. It was launched:


It’s coming to town — come join the FUN!

May 31st is going to be the craziest Saturday that Colorado has seen in awhile — The Insane Inflatable 5K!  I’m really looking forward to this thing! It’s just over three miles of outrageousness! Imagine an obstacle course- magnified by 10! That’s what this event is- 12 obstacles bigger than you can imagine- some over 100 feet high! We’ll be transforming Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City into a world where you’ll feel like an ant trying to get around boulders! Your job will be to traverse your way over, under, through, and down these obstacles to the finish line — which is a GIANT SLIDE!

If you’re the kind of person who’s shied away from the latest craze of “Tough Mudder,” “Warrior Dash,” and the such, because they just seemed like too much (swimming through mud, jumping over fire, dodging zombies), BUT you DO want to have fun and be a competitor — YOU are the EXACT participant for The Insane Inflatable 5K!  

It’s going to make you feel like a kid — laughing and bouncing your way from start to finish! Sign up as a solo bouncer, or get your friends/coworkers/church group together as a team! PLUS — KIDS ARE WELCOME! Sign them up for the Junior Course — it’s the same obstacles, just not as many!

Stick around after you finish the 5K, for all the stuff going on with the Insane Midway! We’ll have food, beer and activities including Jumbo Cornhole!

If anything — YOU can say you took part in the VERY FIRST Insane Inflatable 5K when it bounced its way into Colorado on May 31, 2014!