It's not just your guy wanting to see you naked, it actually has healthy benefits to sleep naked. Sleeping naked isn't anything new, but now it has a purpose other than his divine desire to see you without clothes.

I know women that are afraid to sleep naked because of spiders, or other women who need to be all "cocooned" up when sleeping because they get cold, but maybe now you'll see thing's a bit differently.


  • Airing Out the Private Parts: It's normal for a certain level of natural stuff to be going on, but when you sleep with clothes on you could be doing more harm than good, as thing's heat up, thing's um, well... if you're a woman, you know-so sleep naked for the health of you!
  • You'll Sleep Better: You're body naturally decreases its temperature while you sleep, this is the optimal way to get a good nights rest from the inside out.
  • You'll Look Sexier: As you sleep and the body temp decreases your body makes more of the good stuff that helps regenerate your whole body, so sleeping naked can help you look younger and feel more complete, physically.
  • You Will Have a Fighting Chance Against Belly Fat: Sleeping well and peaceful through the night helps reduce stress junk being released into your body which can make you carry more belly fat.
  • You'll Feel More Confident and Want More Physical Intimacy: Feeling free and cool and confident go hand in hand and creates a more cuddle friendly atmosphere in bed which releases good cuddle hormones and actually can bring you closer to your mate.

Only 10% of all women sleep naked, raise your hand if you are one of them! :P